Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell my mineral interest even though I am currently leased?

Absolutely, in fact the large majority of mineral owners we buy from are already leased. You will not be penalized in any way.

How can I figure out my Net acreage?

There are a couple of ways to figure out your net acreage. First, you can locate the document that transferred the mineral interest into your name (i.e. Mineral Deed, Last Will and Testament, Quit Claim deed). Many of these documents will list the exact net acreage being transferred or at least the percentage that you are receiving. Second, most likely you have signed an Oil and Gas lease within the past couple of years. If you held onto any of that paperwork, especially the paperwork that came with the lease bonus check, it will say in there what your net acreage is. Thirdly, if you remember the price per acre you agreed on for your lease bonus and you remember the total amount of the lease bonus check, some simple division will give you your net mineral acreage.

Will my decision to sell affect my family members that have the same mineral interest?

For the most part, absolutely not. Almost everyone is able to act on their own accord and do what they would like to do with the mineral interest that is in their name.

What is the cost to transfer my interest to my children or heirs?

It can vary greatly according to how much estate planning has been done. If you have all the paperwork, it can be relatively inexpensive to transfer an interest. If you do not have a lot of the paperwork and need legal assistance it can be quite expensive and confusing, especially if you need to split the interest among multiple heirs.

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